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Updated: September 13, 2023

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising has become an essential marketing strategy for a broad range of business types, particularly those within the restaurant industry. Using a highly targeted, programmatic ad delivery method, OTT ads are presented to audiences via Internet-connected television.

With millions of American households refreshing their taste for a day or night out with friends or family, OTT advertising is providing businesses with an effective route for reaching their audiences – and offering an excellent alternative to traditional commercials while guests are in a commercial atmosphere. Additionally, modern technology has allowed space for new methods of effective restaurant advertising that may exceed most traditional TV advertising methods and strategies like OTT, while also offering lower costs and higher ROIs. Keep reading to learn more about how you can utilize a growing network of TV advertisers.

OTT Advertising and the Restaurant Industry

Unsurprisingly, businesses in many industries are exploring OTT ads’ potential benefits. But of all industries, the restaurant industry seems to be especially well-suited for OTT advertising. What does this mean in terms of the best strategies for restaurant ads? Put simply, OTT advertising for restaurants is now one of the most reliably effective ways to achieve measurable, meaningful marketing results.

Even small, local restaurants are finding ways to use OTT to reach their goals, as the cost of TV advertising has become much more accessible for the modern-day restaurant or bar, with possible ROIs exceeding that of traditional TV marketing.


What are the Benefits of OTT Advertising for the Restaurant Industry?

One of the biggest advantages of OTT advertising is its extensive reach, as well as capabilities, such as:

  • Precision-level targeting that allows for the delivery of more relevant, personalized OTT ad content to consumers selected based on interests, demographics, and other factors
  • The option to track IP addresses across various devices, such as smartphones and TVs, tablets, and even video game consoles, so that retargeting campaigns can be implemented based on users’ online browsing behaviors
  • Advanced tracking that equips OTT campaigns with the ability to be self-optimized based on ongoing data on consumer behavior

Considering the different OTT advertising examples, you may have already experienced today – likely without even consciously realizing it – it is easy to see why it is an ideal strategy for restaurants.

As exciting as these features are, OTT advertising goes further: strategic ad retargeting can personalize the ads delivered to that person’s streaming platform, presenting relevant ad content during the periods they are most likely to order or purchase.

How Advertising in Restaurants & Bars Shifted into the OTT/CTV Space

The COVID pandemic had massive effects on the restaurant industry, completely transforming consumer expectations and experiences.

During that time, many restaurants dramatically altered their operations, adapting to local regulations and the new wants and needs of their customers and patrons by offering options such as:

  • Online and mobile/app ordering
  • Contactless/curbside takeout
  • More efficient drive-thrus

Measures like these helped keep many American restaurants and bars in business during the lockdowns. About 70% of restaurants say their off-premises sales made up a larger proportion of total business during COVID lockdowns than they did pre-COVID (National Restaurant Association). But these measures also inhibited regular customers from spending time sitting down in establishments like restaurants and bars to enjoy food and drinks while watching sports or other programming on TV.

In a post-COVID lockdown world, people have a refreshed appetite for spending time away from home. Marketing strategies for businesses should prioritize reaching new customers in settings and formats they are already familiar with, providing access to an engaged – and often ready-to-purchase audience. OTT/CTV ads can be a strong component of a marketing strategy, but, what marketing methods or formats can outperform traditional OTT advertising?

How to Exceed the Performance of Traditional OTT Advertising Campaigns in Restaurants

One of the primary goals of advertising in restaurants is to raise awareness, grow customer engagement, and increase overall sales. The best way to accomplish this is with a multi-screen approach so that a business or brand can get in front of many people in restaurants or bars – but focused on the windows of opportunity that offer the highest potential for a successful conversion.

Additionally, one of the primary problems with OTT advertising is one that may have been a product of the COVID pandemic, in which Americans (and people worldwide) are craving time away from home and away from their streaming services. With COVID pandemic restrictions lifted and people enjoying their time in public spaces again, advertisers may be missing out on marketing opportunities in local restaurant and bar TVs where their potential consumers are physically spending time and money on a regular basis.

Disrupting the TV Advertising Industry: Digital Out-of-Home, Social Network Marketing

CETV Now! is revolutionizing the marketing industry with its unique approach to targeting consumers in real-time. By using a strategy that mimics real-life social media marketing, brands are able to reach their audience with unparalleled precision. Our digital out-of-home and social network marketing platform presents tailored video or static ads to your consumers in commercial settings, such as restaurants, allowing your brand to deliver messaging at the perfect time and place for maximum impact.

This proprietary technology gives you the ability to customize your marketing campaigns to fit the specific needs of your business and potential customers. With the platform’s unlimited customization options, your business can tailor campaigns to your preferred sector, budget, geographic location, audience, and more. The ability to market across multiple placement locations, allows you to easily scale campaigns as you see fit. Our digital out-of-home, social network approach provides exceptional value per advertising spend, with benefits such as micro and macro targeting, detailed reporting, and verified, real-time analysis of campaign performance.

What Does This Mean for Small- & Medium-sized Local Businesses?

Digital out-of-home, social network, marketing from CETV Now! arms businesses with the opportunity to monetize their screens by becoming a host partner. Small- and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) now have the ability to launch TV advertising campaigns during high-profile events like the Super Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open, and MLB Spring Training sessions, without the astronomical TV advertising costs. As a host partner, businesses have complete control over the content displayed on their on-site screens during commercial breaks, ensuring that the programming aligns with their brand experience without promoting competitors.

How Does Advertising with CETV Now! Work?

There are two options for businesses joining the CETV Now! TV advertising revolution:

Host Our TV Screens in Your Bar or Restaurant

CETV Now! offers businesses the opportunity to utilize their passive audience and easily capture a new revenue stream by becoming a host partner. As a host partner, you have the ability to automate the TV commercials on the TVs in your business, ensuring that the programming aligns with your brand goals. With CETV Now! you can monetize your screens with passive income, reach your target audience, and make your advertising spend go further. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business with CETV Now!

Advertise on Local & National Screens

CETV Now! provides an unparalleled level of precision in ad targeting by placing ads in front of potential customers while they are in the process of buying at other businesses like restaurants and bars. Our platform allows you to filter your campaigns by various criteria, such as category, location, and even individual stores, to ensure that your message reaches the right audience. Furthermore, our real-time monitoring feature gives you the ability to verify the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments as necessary to maximize effectiveness. If you have further questions, please learn more About Us.

Top-Performing Industries for Digital Out-of-Home, Social Network, Marketing in Restaurants and Bars

Digital Out-of-Home, Social Network Marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for a variety of industries. Some of the top-performing industries for this type of marketing include:

  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Services (home improvement, cleaning, etc.)
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Office Settings
  • Retail
  • Medical Offices
  • Business & Finance
  • Automotive Industry Businesses

National brands, and businesses within these industries have found success in targeting customers at the point of decision-making, using customized campaigns, and utilizing real-time monitoring to optimize results.

Expand Your Advertising Space with CETV Now!

Are you interested in learning about alternatives to traditional TV advertising in restaurants and bars? CETV Now! is an innovator in digital signage advertising, empowering our clients and hosts to reach their ideal audiences with highly customized campaigns.

Get more information and a free quote when you contact us today!

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