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About Us

What We Offer

Be Everywhere All At Once

Our Mission

To empower businesses to advertise within their targeted sector and align video content with brand experience to monetize passive viewing audiences.

Our Vision

To provide new revenue through our ad network and content control technology to businesses around the world.

Our Philosophy

The path to success is aligning our interests directly with those we aim to service.

Our Strategy

To remain the leader in the space by way of constant growth and strategic partnerships.

Our Services

Our TVs Work For You

Whether you’re looking to advertise to a targeted audience, control your TV programming content, or access a new revenue stream by monetizing your audience, CETV Now! has you covered.

For Businesses

Become a Host Partner to capture new revenue and control your programming content. Automatically.

For Advertisers

Target your audience while they are in the buying environment and mindset. Automatically.
About CETV Now
Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Special?

Unique Experience

Advertise on the only network directly in front of consumers as they are buying products and services.

Cost Effective

We help you maximize your results while keeping rates advantageous for your company.