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Content Control

Regulate Your Tvs

Be Everywhere All At Once

Your Brand Is An Experience

Your customers have specific expectations when they see your brand. Your brand establishes a connection with your target audience.

Your TV’s Are Part of Your Brand

You work hard to ensure everything within your organization promotes your brand. Your TV programming should actively assist your efforts.

TV Programming Brand Integration

Ensure that your TV works for you. CETV Now! integrates your in-store viewing experience into your brand to align your TV programming with your target audience.


Passive Schedules


Special Event Schedules


Real-Time Global Control

Control Your Brand

Regulate Your TVs

Absolute Control

Manage All of Your TV Programming at Once

Channel Selection

Establish a personalized channel lineup that promotes your brand at each location. Ensure your video programming represents your brand properly.

Scheduled Programming

Enhance your video programming with automatic channel changes. Never miss a program or leave your TVs on all night again.

One Easy-To-Use Device

Manage all of your locations’ video programming from one device. Change or reschedule your channels whenever you want.

Emergency Broadcasts

Authorize emergency broadcasts to override your normally scheduled video programming to keep your customers and staff safe.

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