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Out-of-home advertising is one of the oldest marketing strategies. You probably have already used it in a number of ways in your business. What if we told you there is a better way to leverage this traditional media to grow your business even further?

This smarter, driven version of marketing involves digitization of outdoor advertising to better connect with audiences and increase conversion rates. The blend, known as digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), is growing rapidly in 2023.CETV Now! can help you exploit all the benefits offered by this form of advertising and grow your business. Read on as we expound on DOOH’s meaning and its advantages.

DOOH Meaning

As the name implies, digital out-of-home advertising refers to digitized media in public areas outside the house. Compared to traditional out-of-home advertising, this marketing strategy is livelier, more reactive, and highly interactive. It has become increasingly popular in Miami, as it offers an excellent method of reaching the city’s diverse and tech-savvy population.

How DOOH Can Be Advantageous for Your Business

DOOH marketing in Miami is truly the best of both worlds, as it involves adding digital elements to offline out-of-home advertising. Below are the various ways that this media can benefit your company:

  • Cost-effectiveness. DOOH allows for multiple displays, meaning one physical space can accommodate multiple ads. The rotation of several ads means you pay less since you share the same space with several other advertisers. You also save on expensive printing costs as you don’t have to produce a physical billboard every time you run a campaign.
  • Blending outdoors with online. In big cities like Miami, kiosks have been set up on roadside pavements, providing spaces for digital ad displays. These kiosks are connected to the web and act as public Wi-Fi hotspots. They are crucial data sources as they can track the number of connected devices, accurately measuring your ads’ viewership.
  • Enhanced accuracy in metrics and measurements. It is now possible to collect data targeting the right individuals and put out ads that resonate the most with your audience. People react well and are more responsive to ads that match their interests. Now, with the use of smart screens, correlation of smartphone data with DOOH, and creative management platforms, you can effectively measure campaign performance.
  • Engaging media. Digitized banners allow you to leverage engaging content that you can use to convert leads faster. You can use videos rather than still images, allowing you to tell a better story and grab the attention of anyone passing by.

DOOH Examples and Trends

Today, you can find digital signage in almost every environment. Below are some of the forms of ad placements we have noted in this space:

  • Large format. Adverts in this category target pedestrians and street-level traffic, which is why they are placed on the sides of city buildings, on bus shelters, and next to highways. Digital billboards have the potential to reach a larger audience.
  • Place-based advertising. This category includes adverts that target people in places where they spend much of their time outside their homes. As such, these adverts are contextualized to ensure they are more relevant to their audience. These digital billboards could be placed in hotels, gyms, office buildings, bars and restaurants, movie theaters, and many other locations.
  • Point-of-purchase. This form of DOOH marketing is aimed at influencing consumers closely just as they are about to make purchase decisions. It includes screens and digital end caps placed near checkouts or on shelves within gas stations, convenience shelves, garages, and parking lots, among other spaces.

See How CETV Now! Can Help Your Business

The fast-growing, diverse city of Miami is significant for cultivating brand awareness and targeting all types of individuals. CETV Now! can help you craft a compelling ad strategy that delivers your desired results.Contact us today to get more details about our industry-leading video advertising services.