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Television commercial advertising has long been the go-to for companies promoting their products and services to a broad audience. And when you consider the results it can offer, it makes sense that TV advertising is a marketing staple.

However, the emergence of alternative advertising options has enabled businesses to reach their target audiences in unique and compelling ways – offering the opportunity to run highly effective campaigns without paying high network commercial prices. Keep reading as CETV Now! highlight TV advertising and the best alternatives for a maximum ROI.

Why TV Commercials are Still the World’s Most Effective Advertising Method

It’s impossible to argue with the efficacy of television commercials; they get the job done. But when you’re looking for less expensive alternatives, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of the benefits TV commercials offers.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why advertising on TV is an essential element of any successful marketing strategy.

TV Commercials Reach a Larger Audience

TV advertising remains unparalleled in its ability to quickly and effectively reach massive audiences, and it still dominates in video ad engagement. TV’s presence in restaurants, bars, and other businesses – and most establishments have multiple screens – means its reach is still more comprehensive.

TV Commercials are Better at Influencing Customers

Compared to other video marketing platforms, TV advertising still has high engagement rates and a sense of prestige and quality that online platforms still need to match. This is partly because anyone can advertise online, whereas TV is seen as more exclusive.

TV Commercials are More Effective at Audience Targeting

Digital marketing platforms promise to offer precise targeting capabilities based on audience engagement, demographics, and location. However, TV marketing has long incorporated targeted advertising based on time of day, channel selection, and audience demographics such as age, gender, and socio-demographic factors.

TV Commercials Offer the Captive Audience Factor

While there is potential for ad skipping in recorded or on-demand TV, most people still watch live TV daily. Platforms are improving ad positioning in on-demand content to increase visibility. TV advertising delivers a captive audience, with viewers typically remaining in their seats during live broadcasts.

TV Commercials Drive Brand Legitimacy and Trust

Viewers tend to trust and engage with TV more than other mediums. It establishes a sense of legitimacy and adds trust to your brand, effectively increasing brand recognition to a broader market after a single TV ad campaign.

TV Commercials and Online Campaigns Can Work Together

A multi-channel approach with the same branding can boost brand recognition and growth. TV advertising can be watched from all devices thanks to the internet and engages viewers with online content. TV ads can prompt users to get involved with online efforts and can be shared virally, extending the campaign’s reach.

TV Commercials Can Work Well for E-Commerce Brands

E-commerce brands can see particularly successful results from TV ad campaigns, no matter their size or industry. A well-planned TV campaign can be the key to keeping an e-commerce brand in mind, and an audience with their smartphones within easy reach is just a few taps away from making an online purchase.

Effective Alternatives & Trends for TV Commercial Advertising

It’s clear that there are significant TV advertising advantages – but it’s also no secret that there are some drawbacks. For so many businesses, the question of how much TV advertising will cost looms large, and the expense can put traditional TV commercials out of reach. Also, determining how best to measure the efficacy of a TV ad campaign can be a challenge, leaving brands to wonder whether or not they’re achieving a solid ROI.

But here’s the good news: alternative options – and trending ideas – deliver all of the perks of TV commercial advertising while simultaneously addressing some of its biggest pain points, including costs.

Mobile and Multiscreen Environments

With more consumers turning to smartphones and tablets as their primary screen for entertainment and information, mobile and multiscreen ads allow brands to reach their target audience in new and creative ways. These ads can be delivered through a range of channels, including mobile apps, social media platforms, and video streaming services, and can be tailored to fit the specific format and device of the user. Additionally, combining a mobile campaign with a TV commercial campaign maximizes engagement.

Interactive Advertising

Interactive ads are designed to encourage viewer participation, typically by offering interactive features such as quizzes, polls, and clickable elements that take users to additional content. By engaging users and providing a more immersive experience, interactive ads are more likely to resonate with viewers and drive better results than traditional commercials. Additionally, many advertisers have added QR codes to their TV commercials to boost viewer engagement and conversions, leading to impressive results for their ROI.

Programmatic TV Advertising

Programmatic advertising automates ad space buying and selling using software, delivering targeted ads to the right audience at the right time and price via data analysis and technology. Marketers provide audience, budget, and performance data, and the system uses algorithms and data insights to determine the best ad presentation.

Programmatic advertising offers increased efficiency, cost savings, and better targeting, resulting in better ROI and campaign success.

Digital Out-of-Home Social Network Marketing

Digital out-of-home social network marketing is one of the hottest trends in the industry, allowing advertisers to connect with consumers in the buying environment. Brands can tailor campaigns based on geographic location, sector, and many other factors, delivering their ad content to screens where their ideal customers are highly likely to see – and be persuaded by – their messaging.

The CETV Now! model maximizes the opportunity to customize DOOH campaigns so that brands can effectively pursue their goals no matter their budget.

How to Exceed the Performance of Traditional TV Commercial Advertising

What if you could devise a TV commercial campaign that achieved a new level of precision targeting and cost-efficacy? You could hone in on your ideal audience and deliver your message at the exact moment they were in the buying environment – that’s what the CETV Now! model provides.

Our ad insertion network spans a diverse network of bars, restaurants, and other businesses, so you can air commercials in carefully selected environments that align with your brand and goals. It takes the basic ideas – and advantages – of TV commercial advertising and upgrades them for our modern digital age, using technology and smart customization capabilities to exceed your expectation with affordable, easily scalable marketing solutions.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business? Contact Us Today to Learn More!

When it comes to leveraging the advantage of TV commercials in an innovative and cost-effective new way, CETV Now! is changing the digital advertising landscape. Using targeted strategies that deliver proven results, we’re partnering with brands ready to maximize their ad potential and achieve measurable growth. And because we can customize campaigns based on your budget and goals, you can be confident that you’ll reach the goals that matter most to your business.

For more information about our industry-leading alternative to TV advertising, contact us today!

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