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Advertise on CETV Now!

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What We Do

  • Reach a local, active audience
  • Disrupt the marketing arena with your exclusive TV ads
  • Increase awareness over competitors in the market
  • Low cost with maximized results
Customized Campaigns

Whether you want to target a geographical area, a metro market, or a single location, CETV Now allows you to customize your campaigns and show them to your targeted audience.

Engaged Audience

CETV Now shows your ads over-the-top (OTT) of live programming. This means your audience is highly engaged watching live TV when your ads run in the actual buying environment.

Bang for Your Buck

With over half a million impressions available daily within our network, CETV Now provides the best value for your advertising dollars, ensuring your ads display where they will be viewed.

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Advertising Like You've Never Seen Before

Real Time
Watch your daily
impressions grow
in real time
Advertise your brand
over live TV -
at reduced rates!
Monitor campaigns
and see where
your money is spent
Micro & Macro
Target your audience
how you want where
they are buying
Stand above your
competition in the
buying environment
The ONLY network where you can advertise your products and services directly in front of consumers in the actual buying environment
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Advertise When Buyers Are Buying

CETV Now ensures you reach your target audience in venues and markets where and when consumers are buying
  • Reach a local, active audience for your targeted campaigns
  • Showcase your ads over live programming for less than on network TV
  • Advertise to consumers in the buying environment
  • Target your audience by geography, sector, and individual locations
  • Real impressions, tracked and verified by official local documentation
// Customize your campaigns

Display Your Brand Using Your Medium

CETV Now displays a variety of creative options throughout our network. Each ad space purchased runs for 30 seconds on the TV screens within the campaign locations.



Over 2 Million Impressions per Day

TV Ad Space at Competitive Rates

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