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Updated: October 25, 2023

The travel industry is bouncing back – which means that a wide variety of travel-related businesses are searching for new ways to market products and services to their target audiences. 

Whether you are searching for travel and tourism marketing ideas for frequent business travelers, family vacationers, or individuals who prefer the ultimate in luxury (or all of the above), DOOH advertising is an innovative strategy that can propel you toward your goals. 

As leading experts in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, we have created a handy guide that breaks down how DOOH ads might be the boost your travel advertising strategy needs.

What are Targeted TV DOOH Ads for the Travel Industry?

Placing a modern spin on traditional out-of-home (OOH) ads such as billboards, digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads deliver highly targeted marketing content via digital channels. 

DOOH advertising incorporates tech-driven capabilities such as tracking, personalization, retargeting, geofencing, attribution, and data measurement, providing major advantages for businesses that advertise to consumers in public spaces.

More specifically, DOOH advertising for travel and tourism harnesses the impressive potential of this innovative marketing tactic tailored for businesses within the travel industry. 

Unique Travel & Tourism TV Ad Opportunities

We live in an era of information overload, making connecting with consumers more difficult than ever. But with DOOH advertising methods, engaging your target audience with dynamic, relevant content becomes far easier, reaching them at the right place and the right time. 

Another advantage of DOOH ads for tourism and travel is the ability to reach audiences as they transition through the various stages of the buying journey, moving from awareness to decision-making. And, of course, advanced targeting capabilities allow marketers to pinpoint audiences that are as niche or general as they want, including key segments such as:

  • Business travelers
  • International travelers
  • Leisure/family travelers
  • Budget hotel guests
  • Luxury resort guests
  • Food/culture/music enthusiasts
  • Business decision-makers

Here are a few travel advertising campaign ideas that capitalize on DOOH technology.  

Hotel Lobbies – Waiting Room Advertising

Perhaps one of the best places to implement DOOH ads for tourism is a hotel lobby, a space that sees a steady flow of people open to information about local businesses. DOOH ad campaigns can be customized for certain occasions, such as professional conferences or special events. For example, imagine a hotel hosting a comic book and pop culture convention. A local comic book shop can launch a DOOH ad campaign during the convention, aiming at convention-goers interested in the products the shop has to offer. 

Restaurants & Bars – Use Your Screens to Generate Revenue & Engagement

Reach travelers in their moment of leisure and temptation with DOOH advertising in restaurants and bars. As they relax and enjoy a meal or drink after a flight, your travel business can grab their attention and leave a lasting impression. Utilizing programmatic advertising to engage viewers with tailored campaigns that take advantage of key moments and locations and make the most of your advertising efforts and drive real results. 

Car Rental Office Lobbies

Make the most of travelers’ downtime in car rental lounges by using DOOH advertising to reach them. With programmatic advertising, you can craft custom campaigns that capture their attention and effectively promote your travel business. Elevate your travel advertising strategy and take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with travelers through DOOH advertising in car rental lounges or waiting rooms.

How to Target Advertisement for Travel with Television Screens

Despite its technological complexity, DOOH advertising is designed to make it exceptionally simple to plan, execute, and optimize your travel marketing campaigns. Partnering with a trusted provider is key so that you can access essential features such as:

Programmatic TV Ad Insertions

Programmatic ad technology automates various aspects of the ad planning and buying processes, saving you considerable time and effort and ensuring cost-efficient campaigns. With programmatic ad insertions, you will effortlessly pinpoint ideal advertising opportunities suited to your goals, audience, and budget. It is a smart, simple way to scale campaigns and activate your customized messaging anytime, anywhere. 

Time Slots Advertising

Often referred to as “time-parting” or “day-parting,” the practice of customizing DOOH campaigns to run at a certain time eliminates the outdated, “always-on” nature of OOH ads. Depending on when it makes the most sense to activate your branded messaging, you can tailor a DOOH campaign to run during specific times or certain days of the week.

For example, let’s say you own a local sports bar and restaurant and want to promote your tourist-friendly game day watch parties. You can calibrate your DOOH ad campaign to run for a set number of hours leading up to sporting events, presenting personalized messaging to attract consumers’ attention. 

Location Targeting

For tourism and travel advertising, proximity targeting for DOOH ads (also called location targeting) helps drive engagement at specific locations. For example, location targeting can be used to activate DOOH ads in key venues (such as the airport baggage claim area) at opportune moments, so your business can stay top-of-mind when it matters most.

Are DOOH Ads Worth It? Yes, Because Travel is as Busy as Ever.

Although the travel and tourism industry experienced a devastating decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers are once again packing their bags and venturing out into the world. 

In 2021, U.S. domestic travelers’ total direct travel spending exceeded $750 billion, adding to approximately $40 million in international travel spending. By 2026, that amount is expected to pass the trillion-dollar mark. Data forecasts estimate that more than 480 million business trips will be taken in 2026 alone – and that doesn’t even account for the rapid rise in trips for leisure. 

For travel and tourism businesses and organizations, investing in effective marketing strategies is more important than ever. 

How to Exceed the Performance of DOOH Campaigns for Travel & Tourism Advertising

As technology advances, so do marketing efforts and methods. Digital out-of-home, social network marketing captures the effective metrics of DOOH advertising and blends it with successful TV commercial advertising, in a way that has only been possible via digital marketing. 

Instead of traditional DOOH advertising, which generally targets viewers by way of physical signage, get the attention of potential customers and clients when they are watching TV and relaxing in a casual, commercial environment with location- and industry-relevant advertisements, without the high costs associated with commercial advertising via cable and satellite TV providers.

Disrupt the TV Advertising Industry: Digital Out-of-Home, Social Network Marketing

CETV Now! is transforming the marketing industry withinnovative real-time consumer targeting strategy. By mimicking real-life social media marketing, brands can reach their target audience with unparalleled accuracy. Our digital out-of-home and social network marketing platform presents personalized video or static ads to consumers in commercial settings like restaurants and bars, ensuring your brand delivers messaging at the ideal time and location for maximum impact.

This proprietary technology provides the flexibility to tailor travel and tourism marketing campaigns to the specific needs of your business. With limitless customization options, you can adapt campaigns to your desired industry, budget, geographical location, audience, and more. The ability to market across multiple placement locations enables you to scale campaigns as you please. Our digital out-of-home, social network approach offers exceptional return on advertising investment, with benefits such as micro and macro targeting, in-depth reporting, and verified, real-time campaign performance analysis.

Exceed the ROI of Traditional DOOH Travel Ads with CETV Now!

If you’re ready to stay one step ahead of your competitors with precisely calibrated advertising campaign for tourism and travel, we can help. 

CETV Now! is a trusted provider of tech-forward ad insertion services, empowering businesses to reach their target audiences with a high efficacy rate. We provide ad placement, custom budgeting and targeting, and a plethora of options to make it easy to create high-performing campaigns. 

Contact us today for more information about digital out-of-home, social network marketing  advertising with CETV Now!

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