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The company offers brands and businesses a smarter, more effective way to connect with local audiences via exclusive video advertising.

September 29, 2022, Phoenix, AZ – CETV Now, an all-new television advertising provider from Telemated, has officially launched. The company has created innovative targeted ad delivery technology that allows clients to promote products and services in real-time, specifically reaching consumers at the buying moment within commercial establishments.

Clients can look forward to increasing the value of their marketing spend with CETV Now, benefitting from a greater reach at prices significantly lower than advertising channels that currently exist. Marketing experts anticipate that CETV Now will spark a significant shift within the industry by redefining the possibilities of television advertising.

In late 2020, CETV Now founder Babak Motamedi began developing the concept’s prototype technology and alpha unit. Deployment started in the first quarter of 2021, and the product technology was extensively tested in 200-plus stores in several states for more than a year. Throughout this testing period, the company implemented ongoing improvements and enhancements with the goal of exceeding the industry standard.

Mr. Motamedi works closely with long-established industry leaders, such as Voice Media Group, to catalyze the company’s rapid growth and early success. Today, the final product is a unique advertising platform that fills a critical gap in the market. Clients can fully customize their campaigns according to a category, state/region, individual stores, and other parameters, reaping the benefits of precision-level control. The platform is also engineered to streamline performance monitoring, so companies can utilize real-time ad run confirmations to inform their strategy.

When asked about their vision for CETV, the company’s leadership team stated:

“We are extremely excited for the disruption we anticipate our company and services will create within the advertising ecosystem. Our business development includes expanding to several new U.S. markets within the next 12 months and continually improving our platform’s user experience and interface.”

CETV Now serves a wide range of advertising sectors, including automotive, travel, food & drink, events, local & national campaigns, consumer goods, and more.

About CETV Now: Powered by Phoenix-based parent company Telemated, CETV Now harnesses the power of commercial environment technology to empower brands to advertise their products and services directly to consumers in the buying environment in real-time. Their innovative approach is designed to maximize marketing results utilizing cost-effective strategies, ad confirmation, and verified/validated impressions, allowing companies to increase interest, awareness, and revenue. CETV Now works with Programming Providers, Television Brands, VOICE MEDIA GROUP, and others to provide clients with access to an active local audience base.

For more information about CETV Now or to request a personalized consultation, please contact Rachel Weber at 833-807-1500 or