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Digital signage advertising, also called dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage, is a digital display that helps businesses reach their intended audience. Numerous digital displays can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

The objective of digital signage advertising is to deploy visual advertising in a high-traffic area with your intended audience to reach potential consumers where they are. In addition, this form of advertising benefits brands awareness initiatives that generate buzz around a product, service, or company.

Digital Signage Showing Ads at Tailgaters in Peoria

Advertising network digital signage needs a mature yet adaptable solution for building, updating, and administering the advertising network on your screens. CETV NOW provides a comprehensive, scalable, and dependable solution by deploying and maintaining your advertising screens network, from uploading simple ad slideshows to integrating with crowd identification. Other benefits of advertising on TV in commercial environments include:

  • Clients can fully personalize their ads based on a category, state/region, particular stores, and other parameters, granting them precise control. 
  • The technology is also designed to simplify performance monitoring, enabling businesses to use real-time ad run confirmations to inform their strategy.
  • It boosts consumer confidence by showing customers you care. 

Connect Your Brand with Customers While They’re Shopping

The capacity of a brand to connect with people depends not just on what it says but also on what it does. The connection between brands and customers is not established solely through marketing. The top retailers understand that to develop a genuine relationship with customers, there must be an organizational commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience.

This implies that your supply chain, in-store experience, digital channels, and marketing must connect with what your target consumers truly desire. Here are some strategies to connect with your customers when they are shopping:

Get Experiential

Brands may engage with consumers by creating unique encounters through field or experiential marketing. So much effort goes into informing consumers about products. Getting out in the field, connecting with consumers, and creating a memorable brand experience are fantastic ways to communicate with your customers.

Provide Personalized Value at Every Touchpoint

Personalization at scale remains a challenge for brands and retailers, but there are solutions to deliver tailored experiences. Individualizing what each consumer sees on digital platforms is essential for success.

Use consumer data to display in-stock items nearby to enable same-day purchasing. In addition, utilizing information regarding shopping habits allows you to offer targeted promotions and discounts. Loyalty programs further integrate your business into the lives of your most dedicated clients.

Show your customers you care. 

Brands that can display genuine compassion can develop profound consumer ties. Consumers value brands that demonstrate care. When consumers have more power than ever to find the best bargains and products, establishing a relationship with them is the only way to achieve long-term success. 

Successful merchants will differentiate themselves from the competition by using customer data to understand their target demographic comprehensively and by personalizing the customer experience to what matters to them.

Over 1,000,000 Impressions Available in Phoenix Per Day and Growing

There are over 1,000,000 impressions available daily in Phoenix, which is quickly growing. The ability to reach your target customer at scale has never been more effortless, attainable through Phoenix area host partners and digital signage advertising in strategic places like bars and restaurants. 

CETV NOW Gets Results with Lower CPMs and Better ROIs

CETV NOW enables marketers to contact their target audience away from home and in a purchasing mindset to achieve lower cost per click and better investment return. Other ways include;

  • Ads are designed to capture audience interest
  • Targeting flexibility by national, DMA, and precise area
  • Same size as linear television at a fraction of the cost

Industries We Serve

Digital signage advertising is an advertising format that uses digital technology to display content in images, graphics, videos, or text. It can either be indoor or outdoor and may be located at the point of sale. 

Digital signage requires less investment, allows closer contact with consumers, and influences purchase since the customer may already be at the point of sale. In this digital age, the need for digital signage advertising is growing rapidly among different industries. Some of the diverse industries we serve include:

Automotive Industry Advertising

There are many brands in the automotive industry; thus, dealers often find it hard to differentiate the value of their brand. As a result, dealers must determine how to make customers recurring, as well as reach new customers. Dealers today can use automotive digital signage as an effective marketing tool to get in front of customers ready to buy. 

Auto repair shops can also take advantage of digital signage to display maintenance services with daily discounts and deals to customers in a targeted geographic area. In addition, digital signage advertising with well-presented information in the automotive industry drives more sales, gets recurring clients, and builds pleasant customer experiences.

Food and Drinks Advertising

Digital signage advertising provides unending opportunities for the food and drinks industry. For instance, get your brand in front of consumers at restaurants and bars to promote new products or specials while the consumer is buying. You can contact us at CETV NOW  for a free quote to learn how you can advertise your food and drink brands to reach a local audience ready to purchase.

Business Services Advertising

Digital signage is important for any business to grow; advertising your products and services determines whether clients will remember you and how you build your brand. Digital signage is essential to your business as it improves communication among the target audience, saves you time compared to printing signs, improves your business visibility in the market, is cost-effective, and promotes digital connectivity in your business.

Consumer Goods Advertising 

With the rise in online shopping, retailers must work smart to get people to visit their stores for products. Most retail stores use digital signage for advertising goods, special offers, deals, and events. These digital advertisements can create awareness for various products and partners, attract more customers, and provide more interactive experiences for customers in the store. 

National Campaigns Advertising 

Digital signage advertising has been used as an effective campaigning and communication tool. You can create political campaigns with highly impactful messages for unique audiences. Our ability to execute digital signage advertising is cost-effective, tailored to your geographical location, and has been proven effective since we help you deliver your message and ideas to target audiences at the right time and in the right place. 

Local Events Advertising

Adapting to digital signage advertising in the local events industry is greatly beneficial, as it helps events companies and planners control the events and specifically target places where there may be potential attendees. With digital signage advertising, planners can get in front of the right local audience, interact with them and make changes to the content as needed.

Travel Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most effective communication tools in the travel industry. Travel agencies also use digital signage to promote businesses, tours and places to visit in order to get in front of interested consumers.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise On Digital Signage

Like any advertisement, digital signage advertising costs can vary depending on location, demographic and impressions. The average cost of digital signage advertising with CETV NOW can start at $9 CPM, significantly lower than other video advertising methods. Therefore, allowing you a greater reach for a greater ROI. 

Get Started with Digital Signage Ads

Digital signage ads have become a big trend in the information display and advertising industries. Companies are implementing digital signage in their physical sites to satisfy various internal and customer needs.

Restaurant environment advertising

Although the market for digital signage advertising is growing, many organizations have yet to use the technology’s benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Customizable advertising
  • Increased Retention and Recall
  • Digital Interconnection
  • Extensive Targeting

Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

Using digital signage ads to boost brand awareness, convey product information, and connect with customers highly benefits the retail, finance, hotel, healthcare industries, and many more.

With CETV NOW, brands and businesses can smartly and effectively connect with local audiences through exclusive digital signage advertising. Contact us for more information on how a cloud-based digital signage solution might benefit your organization.