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Television screens are a distraction–which is a great thing for your restaurant business. These impactful, highly visual pieces of technology keep customers informed and entertained during restaurant visits. However, they can do more than that. The new generation of TV monitors come with interactive capabilities and web connectivity, making them ideal for digital signage advertising. 

Compared to static texts or pictures, digital displays have the potential to capture 400% more attention and views. Therefore, turning your TV screens into fully functioning digital signage systems is an effective way of monetizing them. CETV NOW!, the best advertising partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Phoenix areas in Texas, can help you make the most out of your restaurant’s TV screens. In this post, we discuss how you can turn your restaurant’s TV monitors into revenue generators. Read on to learn more.

What Kind of TV Screens Can Be Monetized?

When considering TV screens for digital signage systems, there are several factors to consider, such as display technology, the TV’s lifespan, screen size, and display resolution.

Display Technology

Modern television screens use a variety of technologies to deliver the perfect image. Some of the most prominent ones used for menu displays include: 

  • LCD (liquid crystal display). It’s the most common due to its friendly cost and high-quality image. 
  • LED (light-emitting diode). Has a vibrant, brighter image and also a higher cost than LCD. 
  • OLED (organic light-emitting diode). Allows for sharper and far deeper blacks than all other TV displays.  

Lifespan of the TV

Depending on the quality and build-grade components of a TV screen, its life expectancy could vary greatly. There are generally two categories: 

  • Consumer Displays. These are TV screens designed for personal use and generally have a shorter lifespan. 
  • Commercial Displays. These TV screens are easy to integrate with third-party control devices and color-calibrate. They are built to stay on 24/7 and can stay for five times longer than consumer displays. 

Screen Size

It is essential to consider screen size for menu TV displays to determine their capability to function effectively. Screens that are 50 inches or larger are generally ideal for wall-mounting and viewership of more than one or two people at the same time.  

Display Resolution  

It is good practice to go for at least 1080p to ensure your digital signage displays are as clear as possible, no matter the screen size. If you want massive information clarity, choose TV screens with 4K resolution, particularly if you are planning to use monitors bigger than 65 inches. 

Benefits of Monetizing Your Restaurant’s TV Screens

Some of the top benefits of monetizing the TV screens in your restaurant include: 

Upselling Menu Items 

Your TV menu displays can feature high-quality images and descriptions of the delicacies available at your restaurant as a way to upsell them. When your customers see your tasty dishes, they may be tempted to order more items or try your special promotions, ultimately spending more at your establishment. 

Generating Passive Income 

You partner with advertisers, local businesses, or even suppliers and run promotions or advertisements on your restaurant’s TV screens. The additional income generated from these advertisements could help to offset some of the costs of running the screens. 

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Long wait times tend to invite boredom and eventually hurt sales and reputation. However, when your menu displays feature trivia or other entertaining and educative content, guests tend to be engaged all through and are more likely to leave positive reviews.  

Building Customer Loyalty

Displaying content that resonates with your customers can help you build stronger bonds with them and transform them into more loyal customers. For instance, you could reiterate your commitment to sourcing local ingredients or showcase your business’s community involvement. 

How to Start Monetizing Your TV Screens

Having the right TV screens is important, but so is knowing how to monetize them effectively. This includes selecting the right orientation for your menu displays, utilizing the appropriate colors and visual aids, developing a great restaurant menu board template, and creating effective and interactive content. 

While you can put in the effort and do all the work on your own, it makes sense to work with a digital signage services provider. CETV NOW! can work with you to develop a cost-effective digital signage solution for your restaurant. We integrate Innovative technologies and customization capabilities that align with your brands and offer extensive engagement analytics so you can assess your menu TV displays’ effectiveness. 

See How CETV NOW! Can Help Your Business Today

Your restaurant’s TV screens can do so much more than simply displaying the news or mundane talk shows. With the right monetization strategy, they can help you upsell your menu items, increase customer satisfaction, grow brand loyalty, and even generate passive income. CETV NOW! is ready to help you throughout this process and ensure your screens are as effective as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our digital signage solutions.  

Image source: Sunshine Studio via Shutterstock